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Skeptical at first, but now a believer! – Works great – give it a few months – Lavish Lash Reviews – Waliicorners.com

When I read that you could get a free tube if you gave a 5-star rating, my first thought was bribery. My next thought was, why would you want a second tube if the first didn’t work? After nearly two months of use (from this first tube), I can honestly say, my lashes are SIGNIFICANTLY […]

This Miracle Serum Turns a Skeptic to a True Believer – Non itchy!

As others have written about this superlative product, I am very skeptical about products like this, and even when I like them I rarely write reviews. But this is such a superlative product that I actually found myself getting anxious when I realized I had run out but that the two tubes I had ordered […]

It’s like a miracle in a tiny tube… UHH-MAAAZING

I buy my products from Amazon very much based upon peoples reviews, so when I buy something and am amazed by results, fit, material, etc., I MUST write a review. ACTUAL PHOTOS OF MY LASHES BEFORE AND AFTER BELOW!!! 👇👇👇 I received my order on Oct 6th, which is the picture on top… the picture […]